Buy kratom with bitcoin

Buy kratom with bitcoin online

Buy kratom with bitcoin

I guess you already heard about the great benefits that use of the kratom brings, haven’t you? I have a great news for you! We have decided to introduce the bitcoin payment to our website in response for the demand of the kratom customers. Now you can buy kratom using the bitcoin.

If you never heard of kratom here is some introduction in the nut shell, nevertheless its vitalizing effects are way
longer than that.

Kratom since ages is known as a therapeutic tropical plant and used in natural medicine. It can help you to treat your pains, but not only. If you feel out of energy, coffee seems to be not working or you even fell worst after, you need kick of energy kratom is definitely worth to try.

kratom benefits - Buy kratom with bitcoin
kratom benefits – Buy kratom with bitcoin


We are the Indonesian kratom supplier located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, who ensures the quality of the products. The kratom you will receive is just pure leaves, it is why it is safe and assures the good experience. You can choose from different strains, for instance White Borneo Strain or Green Borneo Strain – Khatulistiwa Kratom. Place your order, and check out bitcoin payment.

Don’t wait, check the benefits of kratom by yourself!
Order and choose your payment method!

Below you will find some information how to pay your

Now you can place your order through our website and
use the payment method of your convenience.

If you want to order amount between 1-10 kg you can
pay by Western Union , MoneyGram or Bitcoin.

The orders that start from 11kg can be paid by Western
Union , MoneyGram or Bitcoin and also by traditional bank transfer.

To pay through MoneyGram or Western Union go to one
of the websites and chose whether you want to transfer money online or with the
traditional payment.

To pay by the Western Union you can visit one of their official sites convenient to your location, transfer money online, with app or by the phone. Also paying with MoneyGram you can choose from the several methods listed on their website.

The easy, quick and safe method to buy kratom is using the bitcoin.

How you can proceed with buying your kratom with bitcoin?

First of all, you need to start with setting up your bitcoin wallet. There exists several bitcoin wallets from which you can choose. After you set up one, you will need to get your bitcoin. The wallet is the place you store your bitcoin and from where you pay for your shopping like kratom. Paying with bitcoin has many advantages over the traditional methods of payment as it is decentralized, it is cheap and easy.

Using the bitcoin you can directly pay the order of the kratom without entering the sensitive data of your credit card. If you need assistance buying kratom with bitcoin contact us and we will assist you with pleasure. If you need more information about any type of payment do not hesitate to contact us.